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330 Marwood Dr. Unit 6 & 7
Oshawa, ON L1H 8B4
Tel. 905.435.0633 Fax. 905.435.2097
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Antech's abrasive WaterJet Machining Center will machine complex flat parts out of most materials including:
Aluminum Acrylic Arborite Formica Brass
Composites Ceramic Copper Corian Fiberglass
Gasket Foams Glass Granite Marble
Plastic Mirror PVC Rubber Stone
Iron Steel Titanium Stainless Steel  
It also has a dynamic positioning accuracy within +/- .003" or better, directly from a CAD drawing or .Dxf file.

Advantages to using a Waterjet:
  • No mechanical stress.
  • No temperature affected areas.
  • Cuts virtually any profile.
  • Reduces the need for supplementary machining due to the satin finish.
  • Cuts a wide assortment of thickness of material.
  • Fast turn around times.
  • Clean cutting method without the use of oils and other products.
  • Precision and accuracy.
  • Simple fixturing.
  • Ideal for production or one offs.
  • The ability to cut numerous shapes with one tool.
  • Less expensive.
  • Low loss of material.
We have found our services are principally accommodating for such industries as:
  • The Sign Industry.
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Machine Shops.
  • Tool Shops.
  • Stone and Tile Fabrications
  • Glass Fabrication.
  • Rubber & Plastic Industry.
  • Medical Devices and Equipment.
  • And Many, Many More! 

Abrasive Waterjet Machining is ideal for short run production, just in time manufacturing, tooling and prototype part development.

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